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Melissa Waters Art Called Morning Shades Works on Paper


My abstract art is an emotive response and reference to the region in which I live. Far North Queensland spans tropical rain forest along the coast with the Great Barrier Reef and a drier inland region, all of which inspires my work through the colours, shapes, textures and designs.

The build up to the wet season with its humidity, dramatic storms and torrential downpours provide dramatic cloud formations and flooding rivers. Rain is relief from the humidity and is a renewal in growth, abundance and decay for the wide variety in the tropical wildlife and plants

My Art

Creative Background

Melissa studied art, majoring in Sculpture at Adelaide's South Australian School of Art for an Associate Diploma in Art and later a Bachelor of Fine Art in Sculpture at Monash University, Victoria. She moved to Far North Queensland with her family and completed her art studies with a Masters Degree in Creative Arts at James Cook University in Townsville in 2006.

Melissa has held a variety of group and solo exhibitions in Australia and overseas.

Melissa's most recent work, over the last 3 years, has concentrated on the changes and challenges over this period as she explores and seeks new directions in her work.

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